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Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Students will be dropped off at the front of the school located on America Flyer Blvd. For safety reasons, please do not drop your students off by the cafeteria. This is for buses only. Please use the right-hand lane when dropping students off in the morning. The middle and left lane can be used to pass through. 

Parents will pick up in front of the school with your Driveline number. When pulling onto the campus 5th-grade parents use the right-hand lane closest to the building, and 6th-grade parents use the left-hand lane. The middle lane is for through traffic. If your student is a walker and gets picked up on the far side of the grassy area, they must be picked up by 3:05. Any student left after 3:05 will go back to the other side. If your student walks home, they must start walking home as soon as they are dismissed.